Martin Boyd tea and coffee mugs [sold]

Martin Boyd tea & coffee mugs
made in Australia c.1957

 Some more Martin Boyd pottery. These mugs are quite rare- whereas Boyd ramekins can still be had [subject of a couple of posts ago] it is much rarer to find mugs. The mugs have the Boyd trademark of the uncoloured rim separating the inner and outer glaze colour- which again are those classic 50s colours.

I don’t know the provenance of the mugs, as I do the ramekins, but they are in perfect condition and I suspect have never been used for the nefarious purpose for which they were made [would see tea and coffee stains after 50 years, surely?] All mugs have the usual ‘Martin Boyd’ signature in cursive script on the base.

For Boyd aficionados!  Or hipsters who value what they drink tea and coffee from.  For sale: $AUD125

Martin Boyd ramekins

Martin Boyd ramekins
made in Australia 1957

The Boyds are a famous Australian family of artists. Martin Boyd pottery started in Cremorne, Sydney in 1946- but Martin doesn’t exist, instead it was Guy [Martin] Boyd who was the chief ceramicist. The pottery was in operation from 1946-1964, with 1957-58 being the peak production period.

All Martin Boyd pottery is made [and signed] by hand so there is a slight variation between any piece in a set. The pottery is instantly recognisable from the edge band of unglazed pottery that always separates the two toned pieces. The colours are quintessentially 50s.

This set of eight ramekins is in excellent condition – it has never been used. The person I bought the set from told me they were her mother’s who bought them new in 1957. She decided they were too lovely to ever be used for such a prosaic purpose as soup- and put them on display.   For sale: $AUD255

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