Bakelite bambi children’s bowls

Bakelite children's bowlsBakelite bambi baby’s bowls & teaspoons,
made in Australia by British Plastics & Tilley, Marquis c.1950s

Bambis – bakelite – and green!  A trifecta of my favourites!  When I saw these bowls, there was no hesitation. I had to have them. The bambis have been added in relief to the base of the bowls, rather than cast into them. I have seen many bakelite bambi brooches, but these are the first bakelite bowls I’ve seen with a bambi image. Click on the image to enlarge to see those bambis in all their glory!

British Plastics was based in Melbourne, and produced a lot of domestic bakelite from the 1930s to 1950s. The teaspoons meanwhile were made by two other bakelite producers- Tilley and Marquis which were both in Sydney. Tilley specialised in cutlery, particularly picnicware, while Marquis made everything and anything that bakelite lent itself to.

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Green bakelite

Green bakelite pieces by Marquis and Duperite
made in Australia, c.1940-1950s

And so to the green bakelite. All the pieces in the image are made by Marquis, with the exception of the scoops which were made by Duperite. There were ten companies producing bakelite domestic ware in Australia in the post-war period, and I have examples of them all!

The ten companies [I know you want to know!] were: Nally [see picnic cups, in post below] Eon, Helix [see blue bakelite post below] Sellex, Iplex, Nylex [names ending with ‘ex’ particularly modern!] Tilly, Bristilite and Duperite [‘ite’ endings evoking bakelite.]

I particularly like the salt and pepper shakers – there are three sets in this collection, seen in the middle at the back of the image. The top and bottom of the shakers separate to reveal the two shakers; and you can see that the screw-on bases were often different coloured bakelite.

The green bakelite containers also have screw-on lids. They were originally used to contain spices or condiments, and have a somewhat ‘deco’-styling. These containers are particularly collectable – people like to collect them in every colour possible.      For sale: $AUD165

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