60s party ware

60s tray and fondue forksRetro drinks tray and fondue forks
made in Hong Kong 1960s

This lovely timber drinks tray- with recipe for a Manhattan –has had a long life and a few too many drink spills. I don’t normally collect things that have suffered through use- but in this case I think the wear and tear adds to the charm of the piece. The tray itself is in good condition, with its reinforced steel corners and laminated timber construction.

The fondue forks on the other hand- have never been out of the box and are ready for fondue use. The timber handles make them a good match for the Manhattan tray – as does the stainless steel. Today it’s all about timber and steel- and 60s Hong Kong.

The fondue forks have different coloured ends so you can always find your fork in the fondue pot. This set is a must for your next drinks/fondue party!

For sale: $AUD45

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