Back to [old] skool

Retro briefcase & vintage calculatorsBriefcase made in Sydney, Australia 1950s
Magic Brain Computer, pocket calculator made in Japan 1950s
Addiator, pocket calculator made in Germany 1920s

OK folks, it’s back to school – retro-style. Here is a vintage Australian briefcase and two vintage pocket calculators. The briefcase was made by Consolidated Plastics Industries; it has three internal concertina partitions, and steel locks, rivets and corner bracings. All in good order; the locks work—there are a series of three slots so as the briefcase became fuller, a new lock might be used.

The first calculator is the MBC- Magic Brain Computer [an oxymoron if ever there was one.] It has been sold – so it exists here now only as an image. The second- the Addiator- is German, made in the 20s and calculates sterling currency.

The front of the Addiator is for addition, the back for subtraction. The Addiator comes in its original leather case, has its stylus intact [for pulling all those little boxes around] – and glory be! still has its instructions. Which are kinda necessary in this day of digital fru-fru; who around would know how to use this wacky machine? is a fantastic reference: people collect vintage calculators. I’m drawn to them because they are beautiful AND functional.

The briefcase and the Addiator are for sale separately: the briefcase is $AUD75 and the Addiator is $AUD125; or – go old skool and buy them together for: $AUD175

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M<agic Brain C<omputer [sold]

MBC + slide rulesMagic Brain Computer, pocket calculator made in Japan c. 1950s
Micador 10 and Sun Hemmi bamboo slide rulers, made in Japan 1954

Following on from my last – nostalgic- post discussing technical scales, here are some calculation tools from the 50s.

I love the Magic Brain Computer [MBC]- for its name alone. Anyone who combines ‘magic’ and ‘computer’ has got it right as far as I’m concerned. It’s totally nerdy, but vintage nerdy! This ‘computer’ is aluminium and you use a stylus to move the columns of figures up and down- sort of like an abacus but with numerals. It comes with full operating instructions…and a smart vinyl case!

The three 10” slide rules are beautiful…and about the same vintage as the MBC. The two Sun Hemmi slide rules are bamboo laminated plastic- and the Micador is solid plastic. The two Sun Hemmi slide rules come with their original [and by the looks of them- untouched] calculation and equations piece that slides up and down the scale. All three slide rules come in their original boxes.

Totally vintage nerdy! This set is for sale: $155