50s wall-hanging [sold]

Donald Clark wall-hangingDonald Clark wall-hanging,
made in Sydney, Australia 1957

Following on from the Rodriguez wall-hanging- here is another seminal Australian artist : Donald Clark.

This wall-hanging is also a hand-printed image on linen, and hung with Australian timber- and Donald Clark was also well known for his linen tea towels with Australian themes in the 50s and 60s.

Donald Clark was really two brothers, Robert and Bruce Clark who started production of screen-printed linen items in 1952 in Sydney. The company is still in production, now managed by Liz Clark [Robert’s daughter] and it’s mostly involved with re-issuing original designs.

The wall-hanging is a rare example of Donald Clark’s interest in retail- depicting Paddington ‘terrace’ shops Pastry, Fish and Green Grocer – each with its respective merchant. This hanging is in ‘blue’ colourway – the design was also produced in green and purple. The hanging is signed.

The wall-hanging is in excellent condition and is for sale: $AUD55