Superstar 3 in 1Superstar TCR-1001
made in Hong Kong 1985

Hankering for a 4.5 inch analogue TV, AM/FM radio and LCD clock all in one convenient ensemble? Well, look no further. The TCR [TV, Clock, Radio] is for you.

This tiny, all-in-one unit [compare to the size of kewpie doll!] has it all. Sure, the analogue TV is only good for sound, not visuals – since the whole world has gone digital- but the radio and the clock work a treat. And a bit of a tweak by a technowizard will have that TV playing again. And it will totally fit on your bedside table.

See the review of this piece on – and attest for yourself the advantages of a 3 in 1 [circa 1985.] It runs on both AC/DC and batteries- you can take this baby anywhere.

The 3 in 1 is for sale; $AUD95

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