70s chunky glass

Kosta Boda candleholders and Vereker owl paperweight‘Sunflower’ Kosta Boda candle holders, made in Sweden c 1970s
Owl paperweight by Eamonn Vereker, made in Australia c 1970s

Continuing my love affair with 70s Nordic glass, I introduce to you the Kosa Boda ‘Sunflower’ candle holders. And adding to my interest in 70s chunky glass is this lovely owl by an Australian glass artist from Adelaide- who is still producing glass work today.

Eamonn Vereker is an Irish craftsman who clearly loves animals. I am particularly drawn to the slightly askew eyes of this creature…sort of looks like Columbo on a good day [the visage, and the wonky eyes.] And the lovely feather-like shapes in the glass interior – the colours do look fabulous with those mustard [Ikea] candles.

A lovely chunky glass set- for all you 70s/owl collectors out there! This set is for sale: $AUD75

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