Bessemer butter dishes & sugar bowls [sold]

Bessemer butter and sugar bowlsBessemer butter dishes and sugar bowls
made in Melbourne, c. 1970s

Here are some more Bessemer wares, further to my post below [where I admitted to having a little bit of a Bessemer collection.] These dishes and bowls came in yellow, green, blue, orange and russet brown [that ‘70s’ brown] so along with plates and cups and saucers, you could mix and match your tableware.

Bessemer is now quite collectible,  and I have seen some incredible prices on them in ‘antique’ shops. I’m not sure I can come at the idea of retro collectibles being antiques, but clearly others can. Bessemer rates a mention in Adrian Franklin’s Retro: A Guide to the mid-20th Century Design Revival [2011, NewSouth Publishing] which my lovely friends J & L gave to me for my birthday- a fantastic resource, reference and source of eye-candy. Thanks J & L!

For sale: $AUD120

Persinware #710 kitchen scales

Persinware 710 domestic scales, made in Australia, c.1960s

This pair of metal scales come with their original plastic measuring bowls- an elongated oval in dark green, and an apple-green rounded bowl with pouring lip. The white enamel is a little scuffed in places, evidencing their role in the kitchens of Australia for the last fifty-or so- years. Both scales are still accurate [I have tested them against a digital 2012 scale] and weigh things up to ten pounds, by 1 oz increments. The scales have an adjusting knob on the back, to allow for the weight of the bowl itself.

Lemons and limes look particularly good in the green bowls. If green isn’t your colour, I do have a couple of other Persinware scales with red, orange and yellow bowls…   For sale: $AUD90

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Styling Retro

Pyrex glass & plastic kitchen ‘stack & see’ canisters
Made in the USA, c. 1968
1 quart canister [=0.95 litres]

I use these canisters- with their funky 60s colours – to store my button collection. Any sort of see-through canister is great for use in the kitchen- so is stackability – but I have repurposed these canisters in my design studio.