Kelston Springtime

Kelston 'Springtime' 60sKelston ‘Springtime’ breakfast set
made in New Zealand, 1965

Kelston is part of Crown Lynn- which produced pottery in New Zealand from 1854-1989. By the 1960s Crown Lynn was producing export quality pottery with very funky 60s designs- of which this set ‘Springtime’ with those quintessential 60s daisies- was part. Crown Lynn and Kelston ceramics are now also very collectible.

This is a breakfast/dinner set for two: large plates, medium plates & side plates with cereal/desert bowls. So versatile! Springtime came in two colours- this lovely soft grey and a rather harsh dark brown. You can guess which I prefer.

Like many partial sets I collect, I prefer a small portion rather than the whole. A whole dinner service of Springtime would be so overwhelming as to be boring; BUT as less is more, this little part of the set is really lovely.

The breakfast/dinner set is for sale: $AUD125

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