Kathie Winkle ‘Tashkent’ plate

Kathie Winkle 'Tashkent' plate, 1975Kathie Winkle ‘Tashkent’ dinner plate
made by Broadhurst, England 1970-1980

Here is another plate by Kathie Winkle Design ‘Tashken’t [very collectible right now]- it is stoneware with a handpainted underglaze [the pattern] but is detergent and dishwasher proof. So far I have collected – and featured on this blog- three other designs by Kathie Winkle [of over one hundred produced] – Calypso, Kontiki and Newlyn.

Imagine a whole wall of Kathie Winkle patterns…if they were easily detachable you could store your entire dinner service in this way! Form AND function- the ultimate 60s ideal.

Kathie Winkle’s patterned plates have become so collectible that Kathie herself is re-releasing thirty of the most popular design [see her Facebook page.] For my money, though- it’s the original pieces that are the best to collect- they have typical 60s and 70s colourings and being painted by hand, they are all unique. The re-released patterns have a uniformity produced by modern methods and lack the individuality of the originals.

The Tashkent plate is for sale: $AUD15

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