Moishe in the living room

Jean doll furniture- 1960sJean doll living room furniture
made in West Germany 1960s

After Moishe- from ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ featured in the last post, he requested to appear in this vignette- an arrangement of living room furniture in lovely red and white.

Moishe could have been putting a record on, or lighting the romantic [if oversized] candle- but instead has opted to work the drinks trolley. I have to say he is looking a little peeved here- perhaps the colour palette doesn’t suit him as much? I should have liked to see him wearing a little red and white apron- then he would have fitted right in.

The living room furniture set is for sale: $AUD45

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The 60s kitchen

Jean kitchen doll furniture [60s]Jean doll kitchen furniture made in West Germany 1960s A fantabulous set of kitchen furniture showcasing the aesthetics and colours of the 60s made by Jean, in what was West Germany. In the kitchen is Moishe- a monster from Maurice Sendak’s book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’- published in 1963. Although Moishe’s 60s dating is a good segue- I choose him for his brown and yellow colourings. He was MADE for this kitchen! And he’s clearly enjoying it. Jean made dolls furniture from the 1950s until the late 1980s; as the decades passed so the furniture was updated to reflect the stylistic trends of the day. This furniture is 1/16th scale to fit many of the doll houses produced in the 50s and 60s. All the doors and drawers open out- giving hours of fun- or hours of ironic posturing with a figurine of your choice. The kitchen furniture set is for sale: $AUD35 [Moishe optional] Buy Now