40s ceramic coasters

West German ceramic coasters, 1940sWest German coasters
made in 1940s

A fantastic set of ceramic coasters- made in the 40s-depicting in sketchy form the well-known scenes of: Japan, Venice, Spain, Berlin, Paris and Mexico.

Every troupe is here:
Japanese temple & Geisha
Gondola under the Bridge of Sighs
Bull fighting
Brandenburg Gate
Eiffel Tower and cafe
Cactus and guitar playing to Senorita.

The ceramic coasters are in excellent vintage condition and are for sale : $AU60

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World’s Finest Ironstone [sold]

Ironstone platters & plateIdeal Ironstone Ware platters and plate
made in Japan, 1960s

You may have enjoyed the pavlova plates I posted made by Ideal Ironstone Ware- here are some of their other 60s outputs- a series of platters and dishes with realistic transfer prints with a unifying motif of….parsley. I have given it a botanical assessment…and yep, that’s parsley.

So- the two platters- with central hollow for a dipping sauce, feature oysters and prawns. And parsley. The oysters on the first platter are seen in their various stages from ‘natural’ to shucked, and my -don’t they look delicious? The lobsters on the second platter are gaily arrayed around the parsley. They look to me- as an Australian to be more like yabbies…but after research I believe they are meant to convey lobsters to a European market. In the 60s yabbies were hardly a well known culinary dish.

The last dish is a matching lobster/parsley dish – for the left over shells after eating. Its central motif is a slice of lemon- which indicates its use. All three plates have a gilt edge…and so the three are perfect for an Aussie Christmas lunch of prawns, yabbies, lobster and oysters. Parsley optional.

The three plates are for sale: $AUD85

50s novelty S & P shakers

retro lustre ware chick S & P shakersNovelty chick salt and pepper shakers
made in Japan, c. 1950s

A lovely novelty salt and pepper shaker set- in lustre ware- from Japan. So cute! The chicks come in their original holder and are complete with their cork stoppers. The whole set is hand painted and in pristine condition- I don’t think the chicks have even been used for their intended purpose.

I come to embrace lustre ware [although my partner still thinks it’s on the wrong side of kitsch] – a 50s invention that that had pottery decorated and then covered with a thin layer of mother-of-pearl or metallic (gold or copper) glaze over the top to give it the super ‘lustre’ sheen.

For lustre ware admirers and collectors of salt and pepper shakers; this set is for sale: $AUD45

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60s oranges & lemons

60s oranges & lemonsOranges and lemons
made in Japan, c.1960s

A mixed bag of oranges and lemons:  a hand painted lemon tray, glass jug and small ceramic plate- but all hailing from Japan and made in the 60s.

This collection is by theme rather than media- with the colours and abstract representations of fruit being the uniting factors. This set would be fabulous for a [teetotaller’s] retro bar. Or a complete lush’s retro bar…sometimes you do have to use fruit in a cocktail [or so I am lead to believe.]

This set is for sale: $AUD45

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