J&G Meakin Studio plate
made in England, 1967

J & G Meakin Ltd was founded in 1851 when James and George Meakin took over their fathers Eagle Pottery, operating out of Hanley in England. Many potteries of this time – like Meakin- were located on canals- for ease of movement of raw materials into the factory- and finished products out of the factory to Liverpool; from there Meakin pottery was exported to all the British colonies, including America and Australia.

The company was amongst the first British pottery firms to experiment with modernist designs associated with the art deco period; and in the 19th and early 20th centuries, J. & G. Meakin were important, large-scale producers of good quality, ironstone tableware (‘White Granite’ ware.) This plate- with pattern ‘Maplewood’ is an example of White Ironstone, or White Granite pottery.

Made in 1967, the Maplewood dinner service features ‘permanent colour, with hand engraving’. The classic, abstract design of grey maple leaves on a pure white plate is highly sought after.

Alas- I only have one plate…but there are a myriad examples of 60s Meakin design: my ideal is to have a dinner service made up of each of the designs.

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Apples & Pairs

J & G Meakin 'Eden' jug & sugar bowlJ & G Meakin Studio ‘Eden’ jug & sugar bowl
made in England 1964

This set comprises a sugar bowl and jug from J & G Meakin, featuring apples and pears on the front, and a gooseberry on the back – in a pattern called ‘Eden’. Eden was designed by Alan Rogers in the mid 60s and it is so representative of 60s design and colours. These pieces were once part of a whole dinner set- but like most patterned things- less is more; a whole dinner set would be quite overwhelming whereas these two are absolutely charming. And if my memory serves me correctly, apples & pears is rhyming slang for stairs!

J & G Meakin have been producing pottery in Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent since 1851 and continue in production today: Eden, however wasn’t produced past the late 60s. Pottery by J & G Meakin is quite collectible- especially pieces made at the turn of the century and in the 50-60s period. I have written about J & G Meakins ‘Studio Ware’, almost from the mid 50s, previously. The jug and sugar bowl are in excellent condition.

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J & G Meakin Studio Ware [sold]

Studio WareJ & G Meakin Studio Ware
Coffee pot, creamer and serving plate, made in England c. 1955

J & G Meakin – that’s James & George Meakin, potter brothers- was established in 1851 in Staffordshire, where so much renowned pottery was produced. J & G Meakin continued until it was bought out by Wedgwood in 1970.

Studio Ware pottery – with a nod to the 20s and art deco design- was made between 1954 and 1967. Various pottery colours were produced; I’ve seen it in crimson, turquoise and green – but I prefer this set with its fantastic urbane grey colour.

This set is in pristine condition as it’s never been used. Perfect for your next coffee soiree- or just to look beautiful as a collection framed on a shelf…

For sale: $75