J & G Meakin Studio Ware [sold]

Studio WareJ & G Meakin Studio Ware
Coffee pot, creamer and serving plate, made in England c. 1955

J & G Meakin – that’s James & George Meakin, potter brothers- was established in 1851 in Staffordshire, where so much renowned pottery was produced. J & G Meakin continued until it was bought out by Wedgwood in 1970.

Studio Ware pottery – with a nod to the 20s and art deco design- was made between 1954 and 1967. Various pottery colours were produced; I’ve seen it in crimson, turquoise and green – but I prefer this set with its fantastic urbane grey colour.

This set is in pristine condition as it’s never been used. Perfect for your next coffee soiree- or just to look beautiful as a collection framed on a shelf…

For sale: $75