Industrial styling

Industrial stylingWe picked this old timber piece up recently at a great industrial recycler that opened near our house – one of the advantages of living in an old, semi-industrial neighbourhood. It’s one half of a mechanics box – the routed hollowed sections housed metal pieces long since gone. It wasn’t quite as clean as this when we discovered it – but since it was drying out and needed oiling it got cleaned up in the process.

I love- and collect- old gauges and the mechanics box is great for displaying them. These gauges are out of an old Rolls Royce and are c.1930s. It’s nice when a styling piece can have another function.

And that’s an old industrial filter flask, Australian made and terrific as a funky vase. This is ‘industrial styling’ in our joint!

Retro gauges

Industrial gaugesIndustrial gauges made in Australia 1940s-1950s

This collection set comprises 6 gauges, all rescued from various machines now put out to pasture. I collected them with a view to making an art work – they all have that fabulous industrial vibe – but just haven’t gotten round to it. And truth be told- they look just as great heaped together as a collection on a shelf.

In the same way that I love vintage kitchen scales, slide rules and cameras – I love gauges. It’s something about the moving parts and the way that functional objects were crafted so beautifully in the 40s and 50s.

For sale: $AUD95 [I would love to see what you will do with the gauges…]

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