Industrial styling

Industrial stylingWe picked this old timber piece up recently at a great industrial recycler that opened near our house – one of the advantages of living in an old, semi-industrial neighbourhood. It’s one half of a mechanics box – the routed hollowed sections housed metal pieces long since gone. It wasn’t quite as clean as this when we discovered it – but since it was drying out and needed oiling it got cleaned up in the process.

I love- and collect- old gauges and the mechanics box is great for displaying them. These gauges are out of an old Rolls Royce and are c.1930s. It’s nice when a styling piece can have another function.

And that’s an old industrial filter flask, Australian made and terrific as a funky vase. This is ‘industrial styling’ in our joint!

Styling with retro industrial pieces

Retro industrial filter flaskStyling with retro industrial pieces

This is one of my latest obsessions- repurposing old industrial chemical apparatus. I found this fantastically large filter flask and have been using it as a vase. Here it’s shown in front of a window- I love how the light works with the transparent glass and water. And I particularly like the contrast between the soft, round Eucalypt leaves and the cold hard functional shape of the flask.

I’ve seen bunsen burner and other scientific apparatus- reminiscent of school science experiments- repurposed for all sorts of things- lights, bookends, funky sculptures… the purely functional nature of the elements seem to lend themselves to imaginative repurposing.  I’m on the lookout for more!