Psychedelic Jesus

60s Jesus iconPsychedelic Jesus icon
made in Australia 1960s

Jesus as you’ve never seen him before – with a totally hippy vibe- just look at that crazy psychedelic background!

Jesus is in plain dress [tick] got a beard and long hair [tick] –kinda coiffured for a carpenter, but let’s not quibble – but there’s no halo- and no sentimental inscription.  Just hippy Jesus on a totally rad background sort of looking up.

Like many icons of the 60s this is made of metal, with the picture sort of puffed out, and a metal stand behind to hold it up.

But unlike any other icon I’ve collected this picture shows Jesus embracing the totally happening 60s – I wonder if it was made by a progressive Catholic group or if the image was produced accidentally. We may never know- but – what an image!

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50s religious icons

50s religious icons50s icons
made in Australia

I love the sentimental idealisation of the holy family. Especially the 50s idealisation. Soft colours, clean white skins in sensible clothing, and hippy representations of Jesus and Mary. Seriously this Mary and Joseph could be touring the country in a campervan. Everyone is smiling/looking smug/peaceful and generally all is right  with the world.

It doesn’t accord with my understanding of religion/the 21st discussions of Christianity – and so I find it very compelling. In Australia, in c. 2013 we are still discussing abortion rights, women’s representation on boards, and gay marriage. It’s enough to turn Jesus in his grave….just get into the campervan, Jesus, it’s about to leave.

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