Retro picnic cups [sold]

retro anodised picnic beakersAnodised harlequin beakers
made in Australia and Hong Kong, c.1950s

The six cups on the left- from the vinyl maroon case- have never been used. Each cup is wrapped in its original tissue paper, and there is a bottle-opener installed in the cap. Research leads me to believe that this set was made in Australia.

Harlequin is a catch-all phrase for multi-coloured items- many of my 50-60s collections are ‘harlequin’.

The five cups on the right where manufactured in Hong Kong [it’s stamped on the base] –and in deference to its age/Asian origin, it is a set of only 5 cups. The bottle opener is housed on the outside of the vinyl case.

Both sets have the obligatory incised rings – these are machine-turned and date the cups to the 50s- a little bit of modernist styling.

All the beakers are in fine fettle, ~ still shiny and colourful aluminium despite their age ~ I suspect they have never been near a picnic. This set is for sale: $AUD75

50s anodised aluminium

50s anodised aluminium beakersAnodised beakers
made in Hong Kong, c.1950s

I found another set of anodised aluminium cups- they are unused and were still wrapped individually in 1950s tissue paper! This set from Hong Kong hasn’t a maker’s mark, just the place of origin…but they do come with a handy bottle-opener concealed in the vinyl case lid. Perfect for the retro picnic!

Aren’t those 50s colours adorable? This is a harlequin set- so called because there’s one of each colour. Anodised aluminium beakers are highly collectible- and I have sold a few sets. So many people have fond memories of the picnics of yesteryear. Perhaps it’s because picnics are such fun as children? No admonitions to get your elbows off the table, or not to speak with your mouth full.

All the beakers are in good condition, ~ still shiny and having no dings ~ I suspect they have never been near a picnic.     For sale: $AUD75

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