Hanstan salt pig

Retro salt pig, 70s, HanstanHanstan salt pig
made in Victoria, Australia c. 1970s

I love the funky hand-inscribed 70s font of this ceramic salt pig. Salt Pigs have been a feature of kitchens since forever: the idea is that the open ‘mouth’ allows one to grab a handful of salt without having to undo a lid; and the ‘chimney’ on top allows moisture to escape so the salt doesn’t degrade.

Hanstan pottery was a collaboration between Hans Wright and Stan Burrage – hence Hanstan- that started in Victoria in 1962. The pottery continued to make domestic ware pottery well into the 1980s. Since the ‘Salt’ script was hand-incised, no two are the same. I also have a set of condiment jars that match the salt pig : Ginger, Allspice and Cloves [post below.]

The colouring is a staple of the 70s -white slip glaze, with a textured brown lower half. The white upper-part also came in a lurid orange [the ubiquitous mission brown/orange combination] but I like this set better.

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