35mm slide viewers [sold]

Hanimex 35mm slide viewersHanimex 35mm slide viewers : Super Hanorama, Vistarama and Hama compact
made in Australia c. 1964

The Vistarama and the Hama compact have their original boxes. The Super Hanorama uses natural diffused light to view slides- no batteries required. The Vistarama requires 4 C size batteries and the Hama Compact takes 2 penlight batteries. The Museum of Design in Plastics in the UK has a Vistarama as part of its exhibition.

The view sliders can be used to view slides, of course, but I think they look great –on display. Those funky 60s blues and greens!  and the funky 60s typefont. Lovely.

Hanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector

Hanimex Hanorama ‘300’ slide projector
made in Australia c.1966

When I started this blog [five months ago] I had some Hanimex slide viewers [see post, way, way below.]  I love slide viewers because my father was a photographer and lots of my childhood – and indeed other people’s childhoods and landscapes and tourist shots- were recorded on slides. We’d have slide nights at home where slide after slide was projected onto a white wall, accompanied by beer and chips. What larks!

Ok, back to my point. Since I started this blog – with the intention of showcasing my collection and trying to sell some of it- I have had to- HAD to – buy slide projectors. They just came to me. I am a slide projector MAGNET. I now have four. In perfect, slide-projecting, order. This is the fourth. Isn’t she a beauty?

Lens: f=2.8/ 85mm. Lamp: 300 W, BA 15S short envelope lamp; still available today.

And for some reason, like all my other projectors, it comes with a Kodachrome slide from its last owners.

For sale: $AUD125

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Hanimex ‘Mini’ folding slide projector

ClosedHanimex ‘Mini’ folding slide projector
made in Sydney, Australia c.1950s

This neat little projector folds out to show slides in both 16mm and 35mm slide formats. It has a P-Rokkor 2.5/40mm lens and uses a 75watt lamp; I have it on good authority that replacement lamps are still available. The projector works a treat – it’s been checked over by an electrician – and has an ‘automatic’ slide feed to allow you to load two slides at a time [!!] It comes in its original box, which sadly has been mended with masking tape.

Perfect for your next slide night or to add to your burgeoning Hanimex collection. I am reluctantly parting this projector- it’s a beautiful as well as a functional object.

For sale: $AUD145


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