Hanimex slide viewer

Hanimex slide viewerHanimex slide viewer
made in Australia, 1956-1960

This Hanimex ‘Pre-Viewer’ was marketed as an accompaniment to the Hanimex slide projector- you used the pre-viewer to select [and work out which way was ‘up’] the slides before loading them into the slide projector.

Of course, people who didn’t have a slide projector [and who could have afforded one in the 60s? except perhaps institutions] – used a pre-viewer as a slide viewer. Sure, it was laborious loading slides in one-by-one, but the instantaneous viewing was worth it. I’ve seen many people’s holiday snaps this way…although it does tend to cut down the quantity!

This snazzy slide viewer comes in its original box. It’s that funky 50s teal colour. It uses batteries, and a bulb which is still available. It still works a treat. The kookaburra card-holder which is photographed with the slide viewer, however, is part of my partner’s collection and was just borrowed to hold the slide. It is not for sale.

Hanimex Pre-Viewer: for sale- $AUD75

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Hanimex ‘Argus’ slide viewer [sold]

Argus slide viewerHanimex ‘Argus’ slide viewer
made in Australia, c.1960

Well, yes, I have posted quite a few slide viewers- I am so enamoured of them! This viewer comes in its original box, and as seems to always happen to me- it also comes with an Ektachrome slide from its previous owner.

The Argus requires two C batteries to light the internal bulb [bulbs still available] – and like most 50s slide viewers – the action of pushing a slide into the slot turns the viewer on. What a fun way to spend an afternoon- viewing slides one by one!

Or, if you are similarly afflicted like me, add the Argus to your growing stash of viewers- they look fantastic massed together. For irrefutable evidence of this- see my post featuring the Super Hanorama, Vistorama and Hama compact [all by Hanimex] below.

This slide viewer is for sale: $AUD55