Golfing tee-spoons

Silver plated 'golf club' teaspoons, Australia, 1960sSilver plated ‘golf club’ teaspoons
made in Australia 1960s

I’ve researched these silver teaspoons, with their distinctive golf club finials- they are engraved with ‘CCC’. As near as I can tell, this would be Campbelltown Catholic Club, a golf club in – you guessed it- Campbelltown.

The set of six spoons are hallmarked for silver plate, made in Australia, in the 60s. They would suit a golf tragic or any golfing collector. So far I feel I have been of service to the golfing tragics- I have featured champagne flutes from the 50s [won in a golf tournament]; novelty glasses with golfing cartoons from the 40s, novelty plates with golfing cartoons from the 50s, golfing nip glasses from the 50s [where the level of alchol is measured thus: 2 over, 1 over, Birdie, Eagle], a Barbie doll complete with her golfing accoutrements, and – a hallmarked silver cup inscribed: “Selangor Golf Club Services Trophy 1958, Winners D.C. Hurst & L.M. Riedel” on a bakelite base.

I myself am not a golf tragic [I don’t have the patience/will power/co-ordination required.] But I know there are plenty of people who are.

The set of teaspoons came in this box, but it’s clearly not the original [it’s marked ‘Made in England’.]  The set is for sale: $AU60 [box included for shipping purposes.]

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Golfing nip glasses

Golfing novelty nip glasses, 1960sGolfing nip glasses
made in Australia 1960s

These wonderful nip glasses record the volume of alcohol thus: 2 over, 1 over, Birdie, Eagle. Make mine an Eagle! The images on the pair of glasses show caricatures of a woman putting and a man slugging it out on the course. And in addition, the man’s glass is inscribed ‘Bundanoon’ – sadly the golf course is no longer but it’s nice to think these glasses might have been used in bar in the course’s heyday.

Recently I posted some novelty golfing plates- together with these glasses you have the perfect gift for the golfing tragic in your life- think Christmas! Think birthday! Think celebration of a hole-in-one!

The glasses are for sale: $AUD30

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Retro golf tumblers

Retro golf tumblers40s novelty golf tumblers
made in Australia

For the golf tragics out there- here’s the perfect retro item: novelty golf tumblers. The transfer illustrations indicate [I assume] various golfing techniques on the front and the back features a fully equipped golf bag. The whole shebang is topped off with a gilt edge: these glasses are all class!

And aren’t those guys dapper in their hats? It would be better if they were wearing plus-fours, but you can’t have everything.

The tumblers are as-new, go ahead and click on the image for an enlarged view. They are for sale: $AUD40

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