Golfing nip glasses

Golfing novelty nip glasses, 1960sGolfing nip glasses
made in Australia 1960s

These wonderful nip glasses record the volume of alcohol thus: 2 over, 1 over, Birdie, Eagle. Make mine an Eagle! The images on the pair of glasses show caricatures of a woman putting and a man slugging it out on the course. And in addition, the man’s glass is inscribed ‘Bundanoon’ – sadly the golf course is no longer but it’s nice to think these glasses might have been used in bar in the course’s heyday.

Recently I posted some novelty golfing plates- together with these glasses you have the perfect gift for the golfing tragic in your life- think Christmas! Think birthday! Think celebration of a hole-in-one!

The glasses are for sale: $AUD30

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