Golfing nip glasses

Golfing novelty nip glasses, 1960sGolfing nip glasses
made in Australia 1960s

These wonderful nip glasses record the volume of alcohol thus: 2 over, 1 over, Birdie, Eagle. Make mine an Eagle! The images on the pair of glasses show caricatures of a woman putting and a man slugging it out on the course. And in addition, the man’s glass is inscribed ‘Bundanoon’ – sadly the golf course is no longer but it’s nice to think these glasses might have been used in bar in the course’s heyday.

Recently I posted some novelty golfing plates- together with these glasses you have the perfect gift for the golfing tragic in your life- think Christmas! Think birthday! Think celebration of a hole-in-one!

The glasses are for sale: $AUD30

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Golf novelty plates

50s golf novelty platesGolf novelty plates
Westminster China, Australia 1950s

I love the 50s comic transfer print on these plates: pretty much sums up my approach to golf. Which is: picnic on the greens, the 19th hole is an actual hole and hit the ball the wrong way. I also love the tricircular shape of the plates with their gilt edge.

Golf tragics will love these plates – as will the amateur golfers amongst us. They are marked Fine China, Westminster China Australia and impressed with the number 693.

Buy now for that special Christmas gift! The plates are for sale: $AUD45

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Retro golf tumblers

Retro golf tumblers40s novelty golf tumblers
made in Australia

For the golf tragics out there- here’s the perfect retro item: novelty golf tumblers. The transfer illustrations indicate [I assume] various golfing techniques on the front and the back features a fully equipped golf bag. The whole shebang is topped off with a gilt edge: these glasses are all class!

And aren’t those guys dapper in their hats? It would be better if they were wearing plus-fours, but you can’t have everything.

The tumblers are as-new, go ahead and click on the image for an enlarged view. They are for sale: $AUD40

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