Glamaware tea serviceGlamaware anodised tea service
made in Australia, c .1950s

Glamaware- the name says it all! When I first started this blog, my lovely sister-in–law Pam gave me her Glamaware tea set- in the same golden colour as this set- and I used it as my blog icon, vowing never to sell it. Pam’s tea service [a wedding present] is everything good about the 50s- bright and shiny in colour, with bakelite knobs and handles.

I chanced upon this tea service and bought it so I’d have one to keep and one to sell on the blog. I figure I can’t be the only one in love with anodised aluminium- and especially gold anodised aluminium. [The set also comes in powder blue and baby pink. Those colours are good too, but gold is the best!]

If you zoom into the image, you’ll see my photographer son taking the photo. I quite like that he is finally being acknowledged for all his great photography work, albeit somewhat subtly.

This glamorous tea service is in perfect condition and is for sale: $AUD75

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Towerbrite anodised tableware

Towerbrite anodised aluminium tablewareTowerbrite tea and coffee pots
made in Australia c.1950s

How shiny and lustrous are these anodised aluminium pieces- and how beautiful the bakelite handles! They certainly live up to their name- Towerbrite- and I particularly like the expressed handle connections- very modernist.

Towerbrite was an international company, churning out anodised aluminium pieces in England, New Zealand and Australia from the 1940s-1960s. It seems the company didn’t last once the fascination with aluminium diminished.

I first became enamoured with anodised aluminium whilst visiting a trendy new cafe in Newcastle- they had a long line of various teapots of all colours along the top of a countertop that looked fantastic. Which proves my theory that more IS more- and one should collect as many anodised teapots as one can.

The blue teapots are stamped with “stainless tableware, made in Australia” while the gold set of coffee pot and water jug are unmarked. All are clean inside- no tannin staining- which suggested they are still waiting for a brew. And all are in good condition, no nicks or scratches.

This set is for sale: $115

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