Go to the Top of the Class

Go to the Top of the Class board gameGo to the Top of the Class board game
made in Australia 1956

The game -Go to the top of the Class -was originally made in 1936. This 1956 version was released to coincide with the TV program of the same name. The program had a simple question and answer format, which the game also uses. In America, the program and game was called ‘Go to the Head of the Class’, in Spain it was ‘El primero de la Clase’.

I love the 50s graphics on the game lid- there’s the laid back father, the consoling mother, the humiliated brother and the triumphant sister. Test your knowledge of 50s maths/music/and trivia with this superb game! For 2 to 9 players; age no barrier.

The game has an average play time of 90 minutes- but could be longer if your sister tends towards extreme triumphantism.

The game is for sale: $AUD25

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