Marilyn…what’s going on here…?

Marilyn InvestigatesMarilyn Investigates
Acorn Books #2, London 1960

Marilyn Investigates by Glynn Miles: printed by Victory Press, published by Evangelical Publishers, Ltd.

All the names give it away- Victory Press, Evangelical Publishers- yes- this is a Christian novel taking on the Agatha Christie’s and Enid Blyton’s of the day. Hilarious.

I have no idea what good ol’ Marilyn investigates or finds…but – how fabulous- there is sure to be a resounding victory and praise to the Lord at the end. And the baddie gets a good talking to.  Although…that cover…is it just me or is there a suggestively homo-erotic vibe going on…

Add to that- for collectors of book plates and frontispiece certificates: there is a fabulous frontispiece from the Christian Literature Crusade, Sydney.

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