Gay Ware popsicles [sold]

Gay Ware popsicle moulds
made in Sydney, Australia 1960s

People may be familiar with Gay Ware kitchen canisters [several collections have featured on this blog]- but not as much with this collection of Gay Ware popsicle moulds.

Gay Ware was made by Gay Plastics, in Sydney from the 40s to mid 70s. Each piece of moulded plastic was impressed with a large fonted ‘gay’- in lowercase lettering- which was considered quite avant garde at the time. The popiscle moulds are no different- part of their appeal lies in the large ‘gay’ across the belly of each mould.

The moulds feature four different silhouettes; Mickey Mouse [instantly recognisable] what looks like the Penguin from Batman [the beak, the top hat] what could be the Joker [again, Batman] and randomly – a rabbit. Each mould has a hole in the base through which the graduated plastic holder is inserted.

While the plastic is in pristine order- doesn’t look to have been used for any popsicle making to date- there are only five sticks for the eight moulds; three sticks are missing. The popsicle moulds would make for a fantastic retro Christmas present; just perfect for the hot summer months ahead.

The gay popsicle moulds are for sale: $AUD50 – no home is complete without them!