Studio Frank Meisler Max paper reelStudio Frank Meisler, Max messenger
made in NY 1960s

This is Max- a timber sculpture and stationery item from Studio Frank Meisler. Frank Meisler is an architect and artist who used his considerable skills to produce iconic stationery items in the 60s. All his stationery items [frogs, camels, dogs] were made of timber and have large whimsical features. And featured springs- Max has a spring neck so he looks like one of those nodding dogs you used to see in the backs of cars.

Max has a reel of unused message paper to take your messages, wrapped around his midrif. He is missing his pencil- which formed his ‘tail’- but any small pencil can replace this. Max is in fine fettle- given his age!

Frank Meisler has a webpage dedicated to his sculptor and Ebay is replete with his very collectible stationery items. Add Max to your Frank Meisler collection today!

Max is for sale: $AUD35