Retro cross-stitch kookaburra [sold]

1970s cross stitched kookaburraRetro cross-stitched kookaburra
made in Australia, c.1970

Kookaburras are SO collectible right now! And this framed cross-stitch is a beauty! I can estimate the date of this piece because I located the original Woman’s Day Craft Book pattern, which was produced by Lorraine Kloppman [Home Consultant] in 1970.

To quote Lorraine: “Every woman has latent creative talent. It lives inside you, so why not give it a chance to blossom? Nothing projects your personal image more faithfully than the free expression of your creativity. It’s time to impress yourself, as well as others…this book is your key to a new world. Cross its threshold now.”

Lorraine, you need serious editorial help! And a crash course in feminism. But – I am wondering if her expression ‘It’s time’ influenced the Labour political campaign of 1972…which successfully used this slogan to campaign on the need for change after 23 years of conservative government. Lorraine…I take it all back!

This hand-stitched, framed 1970s kookaburra is for sale: $AUD45