Carlton Ware Foxglove

Carlton Ware Foxglove sauce boatCarlton Ware ‘foxglove’ sauce boat
made in England, c.1940s

I have written about Carlton Ware ‘salad ware’ previously – I love all the botanical specimens featured in this series- they all have embossed, hand-painted flower patterns. This sauce boat has a green ground- it also came in yellow and peach- and it has a matching green saucer with embossed leaves. The foxglove sauce boat is pattern number 1897.

I’ve teamed the sauce boat with some wattle flowers- a bit of a mixed-metaphor botanically speaking, but pleasing to look at none-the-less. The sauce boat can be used – as a sauce boat- or a jug or – more interestingly- as an impromptu vase.

The sauce boat is in good condition [no chips, cracks or crazing] and is for sale: $AUD45

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