Gem Iron

Gem Iron, made in Australia c.1940s
Nipper, HMV figurine, made in Australia c.1950s

This is a beautiful cast iron ‘gem’ scone baking tray. Gem scones were popular in the 40s, and were more like rounded sugar cakes than the scones we know today. The cast iron made for an even heat, and the baking trays – while easy to produce – were expensive to buy. Consequently the gem iron was carefully and loving cleaned and greased after every outing, and so many have survived in good working order. Suffice it to say, with the right recipe [and the internet proliferates with them!] one can continue to pump out gem scones today.

Regarding the gem iron is Nipper, the fox terrier from HMV – His Master’s Voice. You might remember seeing him sitting keenly in front of a gramophone listening to – his master’s voice. HMV started in 1899, producing music recordings and gramophones- Nipper was adopted soon after as the company’s logo. Nipper has no markings to indicate his manufacturer, but he was bought as part of a larger Nipper collection that had begun in the 30s and his original owner remembers buying him in the 50s.

If the gem iron was full of cakes, you can imagine he might have a less forlorn look. He isn’t really part of this collection, but if you like him I’ll pop him in the gem iron package.    For sale: $AUD75

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