70s spotted owl [sold]

Fitz & Floyd spotted owl mug
made in US, 1978

Fitz & Floyd pieces are now very collectable; having started in Dallas, in the US in 1960, the company is well known for their whimsical, humorous ceramic pieces. So this spotted owl mug is collectable because it’s F&F- and – because – owls are also totally collectable right now.

Fitz & Floyd are well known for their date stamps: they always use roman numerals. So on the base of this mug, after the F&F stamp is : MCMLXXVIII. At some point, someone must have realised that ‘1978’ – the Hindu-Arabic numerical system currently in use – was more efficient [space-wise, if nothing else]- but no- F&F are sticking with roman numerals.

For good measure, this mug also has its original F&F sticker. And it’s in great vintage condition.

I have also collected an F&F ‘Bad Guy’ mug [MCMLXXX]- see post below. Both mugs are for sale: $AU25

80s badness

Fitz & Floyd 'Bad Guy' mugFitz & Floyd ‘Bad Guy’ mug
made in USA 1980

OK folks, we’re in the Eighties now. I know that’s an unusual period for this blog- but bear with me.

This is a ‘Bad Guy’ mug [the best kind, let’s be honest] – he’s a bad cowboy breaking into a safe – his hand is on the dial- : and in the middle of the mug there’s a bag of loot, which you discover once you’ve drunk the poison/liquor/substance held within.

Presumably there’s a Good Guy out there- but I haven’t come across one just yet. Fitz & Floyd are becoming very collectible, so if you have any interest in collecting, maybe now’s the time to start. I have featured Fitz & Floyd salt and pepper shakers before- and both sets were snapped up by collectors.

This Fitz and Floyd mug is for sale: $25

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Dutch girl salt & pepper shakers [sold]

Fitz & Floyd dutch girls s & pFitz & Floyd ‘Dutch girl’ salt & pepper shakers
made in Japan, c.1960s.

Fitz and Floyd, based in America, has been producing quirky/novelty ceramics for the last fifty years…and now their 60s items have become ‘retro’ and are collectible. I can’t say that I care for a vast majority of it – but – how can you not have some affection for shakers that dispense salt and pepper OUT THEIR EYES? Retro novelty item just moved right on over to: _kitsch!

Yes, these restrained Dutch girls, with their stylised dress and facial details POUR CONDIMENTS out their EYES. Whoever designed these little beauties was into some illicit substances. Heavy illicit substances.

For your retro dinner table / you’ll never look the same way at Dutch girls again.

For sale: $AUD35