Anodised aluminium egg cups [sold]

Anodised aluminium egg cupsAnodised aluminium egg cups
made in Sydney, Australia 1950s

These anodised aluminium ‘harlequin’ egg cups are Sydney made, and Sydney bought but have no manufacturer’s name or marking. They’ve had one owner who purchased them in the 50s- and never used them for the cupping of eggs. That’s how I know they were made here, despite not having any markings.

Anodised aluminium was made by a number of companies in the 50s and 60s- sets of beakers, flasks, plates and egg cups came with exotic names such as ‘Tahiti’ and ‘Caribbean’; but were made by the more prosaic Stokes & Sons. Other manufacturers included Duchess Aluminium Ware and ETA. All came in a range of fantastic bright aluminium colours – hence the term ‘harlequin’.

For all your retro breakfast needs, these egg cups are for sale: $AUD45

Gempo egg cups

Gempo Nan & Gramps egg cupsGempo Pottery egg cups
made in Japan, 1972-1974

Here are two egg cups made by Gempo Pottery in the early 70s. The egg cups feature the abstract, large –faced form that marks all Gempo pottery. They are also particular to their period; with stylised features, and the stoneware pottery glazed in rustic creams and browns.

Since taking the image for this post, I’ve found another set of egg cups: this time it’s a boy and a girl. Collect the whole family! Avid readers will remember the Leo-the-lion Gempo moneybox posted previously.

This set of eggcups is for sale: $AUD40- but let me know if you’d like to discuss the boy & girl eggcup set also.

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Footed egg cups

Shoe Shoe footed egg cups
made in Hong Kong, c.1970s

I collect – and love- Carlton Ware, as you know from all your avid reading of my posts to date. Carlton Ware produced ‘Walkingware’ teapots, cups, salt & pepper shakers – you name it – in 1973. Very beautifully crafted crockery items on two legs, often with jaunty socks or stocking or with great shoes. Some static, some running.

I don’t have any Walkingware. It’s now far too expensive for my meager budget.

So – when I came across these plastic ‘Shoe Shoe’ [fabulous name, no?] egg cups from Hong Kong – I had to collect them. I have four black, and two red egg cups in this set, one in its original box. It is my love of kitsch, and my appreciation for a good knock-off when I see one that led to this collection.

And they are practical to boot! Won’t break when you wash ‘em. That sturdy plastic will outlast us all.

For sale: $AUD30

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