Diana Flannel Flower pottery

Diana Flannel Flower potteryDiana Flannel flower pottery
made in Marrickville, Sydney c.1954

Some more of my Diana collection. I have mentioned before that the Flannel Flower is the floral emblem of NSW [and has been associated with this State since Federation in 1901.]  Diana pottery in the 50s produced a number of Sydney specific floral emblems on vases, pots and kitchen cookware– and some – like these Flannel flowers- were all hand painted.

This set comprises: a lidded casserole dish [hand painted with ‘28’ on the base] a stovetop pan [‘9’ on base] and a large baking dish [‘6’ on base] –these all have the ‘scroll handle’ that Diana used on many of its kitchenware. These pieces are all ovenproof, although I don’t think any of these has seen the inside of an oven. The pie dish [has ‘1’ on base] and the large serving platter [“4”] found out the set.

All pieces are in perfect condition with the exception of the large platter which has a small nick in its rim. For Diana collectors, or Flannel flower devotees, this set is for sale: $AUD250

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