Crown Corning [sold]

Pyrex pie dishes, new in boxCrown Corning pie dishes
made in Australia, 1970s

I love the funky 70s graphics on these boxes; almost more than the pie dishes themselves. The dishes are ‘as new’ – never been out of the box; and are a large 10” scalloped dish in orange and a medium 8” scalloped dish in ‘apricot’ [as described on the box.] The original ‘Crown Ovenware Guarantee’ is there too- not sure if it’s still good after 40 or so years…

Crown Corning made domestic wares under the ACI glass label in Australia. These fancy scalloped dishes were responsible for countless quiches, tuna mornays and apple pies; the glass allows an even cooking and they are a dream to wash up afterwards- just don’t put them in the dishwasher!

The pie dishes are for sale: $AUD65

70s chunky wine glasses

Crown Corning 70s wine glassesCrown Corning wine glasses,
made in USA 1968-1972

A fabulous set of Crown Corning green wine glasses- nothing says the 70s like that chunky glass base! Or that fabulous ‘avocado’ green colour.

This set of four glasses have never been used- and are ready to take whatever alcoholic substance you favour. I have teamed them with a swig of Blueberry Ash- because it reminds me of Juniper – which is what I would put in the glasses; gin.

The set of 70s glasses are for sale: $AUD60

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Crown Corning Juice Set

Crown Corning Juice setCrown Corning Juice set
made in USA 1968-1972

Who doesn’t remember drinking orange juice from a Pyrex glass jug with this distinctive oranges and lemons motif?  That motif was ubiquitous in the late 60s and early 70s – worldwide. Even in Australia!

This set comes fresh out of its box- a jug and 6 matching glasses. Never been used, but desperate to be. A card in the box advertises: “A gift to you from Corning Ware” in a lovely retro font. The jug has a funky angled lid and the glasses have uneven glass bases- a sure sign of  hand-blown glass. A must for the aspiring hipster!

For sale: $AUD90

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