50s Australiana

50s Aboriginal motif coastersAboriginal motif coasters
made in Australia c1950s

My collection contains a fair few Aboriginal motifs, invariably sourced from the 40s and 50s when Aboriginal people were considered to be as exotic –and so fair game as a source for souvenirware- as the rest of the Australian environment. By the 60s Aboriginal peoples had the right to vote in Australia and generally a deeper cultural respect saw these usually tasteless/ often offensive depictions cease.

For a long time considered to be in very poor taste, Aboriginal motifs are now are retro and ironic enough to be embraced again. Especially if they are as strongly graphic as these ‘silhouette’ images. Printed on cork, these six coasters all have different images of children at play in their environment. The coasters are of their time: aboriginal motifs were invariably in ochre colours and the black image on the brown cork background is so 50s.

The coasters are unused and were taken out of packaging to photograph. They are for sale: $AUD45

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