Kathie Winkle ‘Electra’

Kathie Winkle 'Electra'Kathie Winkle ‘Electra’
made in England 1965

Continuing my love affair with Kathie Winkle – the lead designer at Broadhurst  in the 60s- here is another of her designs: Electra. Kathie Winkle designs are very collectible right now – and indeed are currently being re-released. Winkle designed over 140 patterns- all very groovy and typical of the 60s.

This tea set of tea cups and cake plates has a handpainted underglaze [the pattern] but is detergent and dishwasher proof. So it’s beautiful and functional! But being handpainted means that no two sets are the same.

I have now posted seven different Kathie Winkle’s designs: start your Kathie Winkle collection today!- this collection is for sale: $AUD50

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60s Funky!

Kathie Winkle 'Calypso' & 'Corinth' platesKathie Winkle plates
made in England 1963 and 1965

Kathie Winkle started work at Broadhurst & Sons- a major Straffordshire pottery- in 1950 as a painter: by 1958 she was producing her own designs, of which there are now 122 [and counting.]

Winkle’s innovative geometric patterns were printed in black by semi-automatic rubber-stamping machines, and then hand-coloured before glazing (a ‘stamp & fill’ process) thus allowing the plates to be dishwasher proof. Her funky designs sold in presentation packs aimed at the catalogue and chain store markets and Broadhurst became hugely popular on the back of these popular designs.

Here we have [large plates] ‘Corinth’ introduced in 1965 and ‘Calypso’ [smaller plates] introduced in 1963. As the plates were hand-coloured, there is a slight variation in the colouration, under the standard black outline. I find them quite charming.

And so do many others- the most popular Kathie Winkle designs have been released – by Kathie herself- using modern pottery production techniques. Unfortunately, for me, the charm dissipates with the uniformity of the colouring of these ‘reproduction’ pieces.

I’ve styled the plates together- to give a taste of how these plates might look mounted on a wall. My idea is to have a two each of a dozen or so Kathie Winkle patterns – and fill a wall. Funky!

The Corinth & Calypso plates are for sale: $AUD65

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