Mickey & Minnie & a Mousekeeter

Minnie and Mickey Mouse, c50s-60sMinnie Mouse hand puppet, made in Korea 1960s
Mickie Mouse squeaky toy, made in England 1950s

Minnie Mouse hand puppet, made by Walt Disney Productions, Ohio and Mickey Mouse squeaky toy, made by Combex in England [#1499.] Minnie’s head is moulded plastic, while her puppet body is printed cloth. Mickey, meanwhile, is all plastic, but his squeaker is somewhat defunct.

The two are greeted by a later ring-in- a Mousekeeter; a reproduction from the 90s made under license to Disney. I like the way they are all three gesturing salutations.  As you are eminently aware, ANYTHING Mickey Mouse related is now totally collectible.

Minnie and Mickey are in good vintage condition and are for sale: $AUD55 [and if you like the Mousekeeter, let me know.]