Bakelite buttons

Bakelite buttonsBakelite buttons
made in Australia, c.1920s-30s

Regular readers know I am somewhat enamoured of bakelite. It all started when I was researching resin, with a view to making resin jewellery [which I did- more of this later.] I researched early forms of plastic and discovered the collectible words of xylonite and bakelite.

And so I have collected bakelite in its many domestic forms – from pudding bowls to door handles. And buttons. These buttons were made in the 20-30s; the collector before me was the granddaughter of a fastidious woman who always cut off and saved the buttons from old clothes before they were relegated to rags. The buttons sets were threaded onto string or cotton to keep them together, should they be needed for another garment. The monotone greys, browns and blacks also identify these buttons as coming from the depression era.

The buttons are sitting in bakelite scoops, on a lovely yellow bakelite plate. These are part of another collection set which will be posted in due course. The buttons are for sale: great for button collectors or vintage dress makers wanting to use authentic vintage notions.

For sale: $AUD50

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