Xylonite collection #2

Australian xylonite
made in 1910-1920s

Following my last post where the origin of xylonite was [briefly] explained : here’s my second collection.

Here we see hinged boxes: the top, ‘piano’ box would have housed jewellery, as would the lower two boxes [the ring box still contains it’s beige velvet interior and closing mechanism.]

The brush and penknife have jumped in from the last post; but are now shown with a cut-throat razor and hand-held mirror.

As noted in the last post, xylonite deteriorates with time and exposure to direct sunlight. These pieces are in fantastic condition for their age [and careful storage away from the Australian sun.] The piano box is particularly pristine.

This set is for sale: $AU275

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60s style: kiwi, moneybox, inkwellCrystal Craft kiwi, made in New Zealand 1960s
State Bank money box, made in Australia 1960s
Glass inkwell, made in England 1960s.

60s- style from around the world.

The Kiwi is made by Crystal Craft, and features marine opal and brass legs & beak – the makers sticker in-tact on the back; the State Bank money box is metal and exhibits the logo of the 60s [founded in 1933 as the Rural Bank, the State Bank became the Commonwealth Bank in 2000.] The glass inkwell is an import from England, maker unknown.

All different items, made from different materials, and hailing from different countries but unified by date [and collectability] – and what a nice little tableau they make!

Crystal Craft has become uber collectable; money-box collectors are legend; and there is a society of inkwell fanciers.

All are for sale at $AU15 each, or $AU35 the lot.

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Hickok- Positively Finer!

Robex-Hickok anodised beakersRobex-Hickok beakers,
made in Australia 1960s

Anodised aluminium beakers are the ‘holy grail’ of collecting: everyone wants them. Here we have an original Robex-Hickok leather case [steer hide] with brass fittings – with its original steel bottle-opener.

Robex-Hickok were renowned for their luxury leather luggage : but for a brief moment in the 60s they decided to produce picnic ware- for promotions. The original three beakers [shown left; blue, yellow & green] are marked; “Hickok, Positively Finer” on the base.

Unfortunately the other three beakers are missing; but I have found some extras – the pink, yellow, orange and green beakers [shown right] – but they are unmarked, and have some scratches and dents. I am still hunting for the missing Hickok beakers – but maybe you have found them?

The leather case has some internal wear issues [around the hinge] but the original beakers are in good vintage condition. The collection is for sale: $AUD40

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Butterscotch bakelite

Alton butterscotch bakelite utensilsAlton utensils
made in Bankstown, Sydney Australia 1940s

This collection features butterscotch bakelite- very collectable; with silver plate [EPSP A1] – which is inscribed on each piece. EPSP stands for ‘electro-plated silver plate’, and the A1 indicates that this is the best silver plate. Enough said!

Alton made cutlery from its factory in Bankstown from the late 1890s until the 1950s. With the demise of large cutlery settings [consisting of forty or fifty pieces] which were purchased as wedding gifts in the 50s for more practical utensils – like Splayds, also a Sydney invention, the factory closed.

From left to right we have: a pair of salad servers, a fish knife and a teaspoon. All relics from one of those large cutlery sets – but all in pristine vintage condition; silver plate is intact and the butterscotch bakelite handles are entire, with no chips or fading.

The utensils are shown on a blue bakelite Sellex plate, also made in Sydney in the 40s. It showcases the butterscotch handles beautifully.

This collection is for sale: $AU75

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TAA- the friendly way [sold]

TAA flight food containersTAA inflight food boxes
made in Australia 1960s

TAA – Trans Australian Airlines; who doesn’t remember ‘Up, Up and Away with TAA…..” was an Australian domestic airline operating between 1946 and 1996. These two melamine inflight food boxes were made exclusively for TAA- the baby blue colour being the branded colour for the airline. The boxes are in excellent condition which is good news for the airline paraphernalia collectors out there.

I have previously posted TAA inflight boxes- a pair of square boxes- these are the accompanying rectangular-shaped boxes. They are marked underneath: ‘TAA B6-1-7 74 Melmac’. The Nylex Melmac Corporation started production in the mid-60s in Melbourne and TAA was one of their biggest customers.

The boxes are for sale : $AUD25