Cherry Christmas!

Christmas cherriesCovetro cherry bowl, made in Italy c.1960s
Lucite cherry paperweight, c.1960s
Christmas angel figurine, c.1960s

In Sydney, at Christmas time it’s all about the cherries. Cherry season is a relatively short period from November to early January and so cherries are always associated with Christmas. Maybe the red and green colouring also contributes to the association.

The 60s were also all about the cherry. Cherry icons and logos were everywhere. This collection references both the 60s and – for all Sydneysiders: Christmas.

All items are in excellent conditions, except the Christmas angel figurine who has been rubbed a little too vigorously and so lost a little red paint. Still, she’s over forty years old and is entitled to. She has a chick at her feet, which is another story altogether.

This set is for sale [get in early for Christmas!]: $AUD45

60s Christmas servers

Wiltshire 'Damascene' salad serversWiltshire ‘Damascene’ salad servers
made in Melbourne, Australia 1960s

These servers have never been out of their crimson satin lined box: a must for every Christmas-believer.

Stuart Devlin specialised in gold and silversmithing and went on to design the first decimal coinage for Australia in 1964. All his work is now highly regarded.

‘Damascene’ relates to the City of Damascus, the story in the Bible where an ‘important moment of insight’ occurred- ie: on the Road to Damascus. Stuart Devlin designed the salad servers in the mid 60s- they are silver plate and now highly sought after [especially in the original box.]

This boxed set is now for sale: $AUD65

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Old school lomography

70s cameras- Hanimex 110TF & Polaroid ZipHanimex 110TF camera, made in Hong Kong 1970s
Polaroid Zip Land camera, made in USA 1970s

These old cameras are both perfect for lomography. The Hanimex ‘chocolate bar’ camera comes in its original box, with original 110 film and manual. The camera features a built-in-flash[!] and has a tele-lens converter- that is the lens moves from 25mm to 43mm. This camera was the height of sophistication in the 70s and now features in the Museum of Design in Plastics [MODIP] in the UK- see: It also features on Oskar’s classic camera trials: a must for all budding lomographists- see-

Meanwhile, the Polaroid Zip is also a beauty- what Polaroid isn’t? It uses 80 series film which is a square format no longer available. But the good folks on Instructables have posted how to convert 100 series film [larger and rectangular in shape] to 80 series. Bingo- lomography project! See:

Great for an unusual Christmas present- or the budding lomographer who wants to do it old style, these cameras are ‘as new’ and are for sale: $AUD135

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70s Marine Opal

70s marine opal70s ‘Marine Opal’
made in Australia 1970s

My collection rarely ventures into the 70s- but I had to make an exception for this: an owl letter holder and a teapot trivet both displaying ‘marine opal’ [aka polished abalone shell, aka Paua shell for New Zealand readers.]

The owl letter holder has a stand behind for the letters [not seen in the image] and terrible doggerel [thankfully not seen in the image]:

“Your letters here
Just stand in view
Reminding you of
Friends so true.”

That was the 70s people! Both pieces were ‘crafted’ by Crystal Craft- the trivet notes on the back that the ‘marine opal’ was “taken by divers from the Pacific.” No word on who wrote the terrible poem.

For all your 70s needs- this collection is for sale: $AUD55

50s compact

Stratton compactStratton 50s compact
made in England

This compact is a beauty- in fantastic condition- and featuring Alexandra Danilova and Frederick Franklin dancing in Coppelia on the front. [This information thoughtfully provided on a label inside the compact.] The compact is gold-coloured chrome and comes with mirror, gauze and puff intact.

The compact is made by Stratton who specialised in gold-toned compacts in the 50s and 60s.

For ballet and compact collectors alike! The compact is for sale: $AUD50

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Hooray for Hollywood!

Hollywood vase #91Hollywood vase
made in Sydney Australia, 1950s

This fantastic vase, made by Hollywood in the 50s- has distinct deco styling but mid-century modernist colouring. Like many Australian vases made in the 50s it has a textured glaze exterior and a smooth glazed interior- a light grey outside and a deep yellow inside.

The light grey exterior is extremely complementary to a contemporary interior- the wall here is painted in Dulux ‘Whisper White’- an off-white colour featured in many homes.

The vase is signed ‘Hollywood V91’ [for vase #91.] Hollywood was a small post-war pottery factory in Sydney with a relatively small output- it’s quite rare to come across Hollywood vases now-a-days. The vase is in great condition and is for sale: $AUD90

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Merry Christmas!

Retro retail stand with Suzi Tyson angelsMerry Christmas!

To all my gallant and steadfast followers and readers….Merry Christmas! Have a lovely festive time and enjoy much retro!

This is my partner’s Christmas ideal: a retro Christmas tree stand [from an old 50s shop] adorned with pottery angels by Australian artist Suzi Tyson, c. 1990s.

Merry Christmas to Trish [partner] and Georgie [cat] and everyone!

Bakelite canisters

Sellex canisters & Kanga and roo S& P shakersSellex nested bakelite canisters, made in Australia c. 1940s
Kanga and Roo salt & pepper shakers, made in Japan c.1960s

These Sellex bakelite canisters ‘Rice’ and ‘Coffee’ have been separated from their larger red-lidded set [flour, tea and sugar…] but Kanga and Roo are in their entirety; Roo being the pepper, and Kanga – the salt.

I’m sure someone out there has the rest of the Sellex set – or at least wants to add to canisters already collected. The ceramic kanga and roo S& P shaker set is adorable and in perfect condition. Make someone’s Christmas wishes come true!

For sale: $AUD85

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Blue Moon

Poole Blue Moon tea cupsPoole Blue Moon tea cups
made in England 1960-1975

Following on from my last post, here is another set of mid-century Poole teacups.

Poole is a celebrated pottery operating from Dorset, England from 1873 – and continuing until today. I am particularly fond of the pottery produced between the 1930s and 1960s.

These tea cups – very modern in shape and sans handle – are part of the Cameo range. The colour is ‘Blue Moon’ –a deep blue exterior, with a slightly off-white interior [pure white would be too stark…this off-white is just right.] The set of eight tea cups and saucers have the traditional mid-century Poole mark on each piece.

The cups don’t hold much tea – perhaps they were for a Japanese tea ceremony- which would certainly align with the blue moon theme. Either way, the set of eight cups and saucers are delicious.

This set is for sale: $AUD145

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Retro banana vase & jug

Retro banana vase & jugBanana vase, made in Australia c.1960
Banana jug, made in Australia c.1960

I love the kitsch qualities of these pieces that celebrate all things banana. Get yourself some fake fruit – and voila! A wonderful yellow ensemble. Start your banana-themed collection today!

This set is for sale: $AUD25 [fake fruit not included…but available, fortunately, everywhere!]

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