Travel pennants from the 50s & 60s

Travel pennants from the 50s & 60sFrom my friend Maisie’s collection again; these are original 50s and 60s pennants collected by her globe-trotting parents. In the 50s, Australian travel to a European or North American city was considered an unbelievable luxury – so surely visiting ten cities would have been viewed as excessive; in monetary terms as well as in time.

Travelling in the 50s meant ocean liner- it took six weeks to land in London. By the 60s with the advent of aeroplanes the trip was shortened to three days, with stop overs while the plane refueled. Australians would be required to land in London before proceeding to other capitals- as passport control was centred there.

So Maisie’s parents collected a pennant from every city they visited- souvenirware that could be displayed on a wall. There is other memorabilia from these trips that Maisie has kept- but the pennants with their wonderful graphics and 50s and 60s fonts look so fantastic massed together that she has decided to let them go.

Madrid, Firenze, Capri; and Chicago, Washington, San Francisco, New York City, Philippines, Paris and the Trade Fair. A potted travel history for sale: $AUD120

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