Retro candleholders

Kosta Boda candleholdersKosta Boda  ‘Iceblock’ candleholders, made in Sweden c1970s
Kosta Boda ‘Igloo’ candleholders, made in Sweden c1970s

Continuing my new love affair with retro Nordic glass, here are candleholders from the 70s. I usually disparage the 70s, having had the unfortunate luck of living through them- but I have come to love anything coming from that era and Scandinavia.

These candleholders were designed by Bengt Edenfalk for Kosta Boda. Kosta Boda was going all icy in the 70s, and many bowls, figurines and candleholders have a frozen-water-captured-in-glass theme. Both candleholders are made from heavy heavy glass –combining the 70s post-modernist chunky glass theme with notions of nationalism.

Incidentally, for the stylists amongst you- those are Ikea candles being displayed. Keeping it real, Scandinavian style.

This collection is for sale: $AUD100

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