60s picnic ware

Camel insulated picnic wareCamel insulated picnic ware
made in Hong Kong, c. 1960s

This set of insulated jug and mugs was revolutionary picnic ware in the 60s- the insulation was for both hot and cold liquids! The tartan motif in the middle of the insulating layers is real fabric- as if to reinforce the complexity of the technology- whilst also providing a jaunty picnic-vibe.

I like the way the tartan has been placed at angle to the jug and cup geometries- and the transparent handles- and the gilt knob on top of the jug. It’s all in the details! And because it was made in Hong Kong in the 60s- there are five, not six, cups in the set.

This set has never been used and is ready for any picnic action. It’s for sale: $AUD65

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