Bessemer butter dishes & sugar bowls [sold]

Bessemer butter and sugar bowlsBessemer butter dishes and sugar bowls
made in Melbourne, c. 1970s

Here are some more Bessemer wares, further to my post below [where I admitted to having a little bit of a Bessemer collection.] These dishes and bowls came in yellow, green, blue, orange and russet brown [that ‘70s’ brown] so along with plates and cups and saucers, you could mix and match your tableware.

Bessemer is now quite collectible,  and I have seen some incredible prices on them in ‘antique’ shops. I’m not sure I can come at the idea of retro collectibles being antiques, but clearly others can. Bessemer rates a mention in Adrian Franklin’s Retro: A Guide to the mid-20th Century Design Revival [2011, NewSouth Publishing] which my lovely friends J & L gave to me for my birthday- a fantastic resource, reference and source of eye-candy. Thanks J & L!

For sale: $AUD120