Green & cream bakelite kitchenalia

Green & cream bakelite kitchenalia made in Australia, 1940sGreen bakelite kitchenalia
made in Australia 1940s

Here we have green & cream bakelite kitchenalia from the 40s – the bread board [with incised ‘BREAD’ script] was made by British Plastics, in Melbourne; the salt canister was made by Industrial Plastics in Adelaide, and the canisters are by Nally, in Sydney.

The large Flour canister houses nested canisters inside – each with that fantastic cursive script; they are ‘Sugar’ and ‘Coffee’. I have waxed lyrical about the olden days when coffee canisters were the smallest – and how nowadays they would be the largest. So, ok, won’t belabour the point.

The salt canister has overt deco styling, despite being made in the 40s – and it is in good vintage condition and ready to hang. The bread board has never been used, and so has no cuts or abrasions – and the Nally canisters- an incomplete set of five – are also in excellent vintage condition.

Unusually I am offering the three for sale separately: although of course if you’d like to purchase the lot we can negotiate a fair price>

The bread board is $AU30, the salt canister is $AU30 and the Nally canisters [3] are for sale: $AU95

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Bakelite bambi children’s bowls

Bakelite children's bowlsBakelite bambi baby’s bowls & teaspoons,
made in Australia by British Plastics & Tilley, Marquis c.1950s

Bambis – bakelite – and green!  A trifecta of my favourites!  When I saw these bowls, there was no hesitation. I had to have them. The bambis have been added in relief to the base of the bowls, rather than cast into them. I have seen many bakelite bambi brooches, but these are the first bakelite bowls I’ve seen with a bambi image. Click on the image to enlarge to see those bambis in all their glory!

British Plastics was based in Melbourne, and produced a lot of domestic bakelite from the 1930s to 1950s. The teaspoons meanwhile were made by two other bakelite producers- Tilley and Marquis which were both in Sydney. Tilley specialised in cutlery, particularly picnicware, while Marquis made everything and anything that bakelite lent itself to.

For the bakelite-loving babe in your life, this set is for sale : $AUD55

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