60s kitschy salt & pepper shakers

kitschy salt & pepper shakersKitschy salt and pepper shakers
made in England & Japan, c. 1960s

For lovers / collectors of salt and pepper shakers- and I know you’re out there! And these are 60s and kitschy to boot!

None of the sets has makers marks – but that could be due to the fact that the base is too small. However, the ‘cabbagey’ set on the right was made by Brentleigh Ware, in Staffordshire England.  The cats- which are Siamese- were made in Japan, but by whom, I don’t know. And the flowery pair on the left- haven’t a clue. I just like the catty/flowery ensemble that this set makes.

All the pieces of the set are fully functional [stoppers are in place] – but WHY would you use these lovely objects for their erstwhile function? Put them on display in the kitchen, and let them be the proud figurines that they are. Somehow those two cats look totally happy to be surrounded by flowers!

This collection is for sale: $AUD65

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