Bakelite roulette wheel

Duperite bakelite roulette wheel, made in Australia c.1950s

How do you combine your love of bakelite with your penchant for gambling? With a bakelite roulette wheel. [Catalogue No. 1324/1, to be precise.] This beautiful roulette wheel hasn’t been out of its box- it is in pristine condition although its box has seen some wear and tear. It comes with a printed green felt baize [not pictured] and a little timber ball ~which was still taped to the wheel when I bought the set.

I have other bakelite items made by Duperite- see ‘Green bakelite pieces’ post below- an Australian bakelite company that made, as well as domesticware, lawn bowls and -apparently- roulette wheels. I must have been the only person who didn’t have one at home as a child…everyone I have shown this roulette wheel to has exclaimed that they remember having one! That might explain  why 1] I am so attracted to it [pure envy] and 2] why it elicits so many nostalgic sighs from my friends.

For sale: $AUD75

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50s black & white spots [sold]

black and white spotty AustralianaBlack and white spots
made in Australia 1950s

Today’s collection comes from a friend- who has been collecting 50s spotted ceramics and glassware since she was a design student in the 70s. No-one was collecting spotty things then- and she cleaned up! Now of course every one recognises 50s things as soon as a spot is sighted.

Maisie’s b&w spotty collection contains:

  • a handled jug and matching spoon
  • salt and pepper shakers
  • a handled dish and
  • a glass footed vase.

All pieces were made in Australia, and all are unmarked- not unusual in 50s pieces. Each piece is in great condition without cracks or chips [click on the image for a zoom image]- and are for sale: $AUD95.