Bell & Howell ‘Family’ slide projector

Bell & Howell 'Family' slide projectorBell & Howell ‘Family’ slide projector # 717
made in Australia 1965

And still the slide projectors come to me! This is the fifth one on the blog, and there are maybe a couple more still waiting to be photographed and posted. I can’t help myself…slide projectors are endlessly fascinating to me.

This ‘Family’ projector comes in its original box, with its ‘lifetime guarantee’ and instruction manual. The original owner carefully transcribed the serial number of the machine and date of purchase on the guarantee card [12.8.65]  It uses a 250V short envelope bayonet lamp, which are still available…and it’s in perfect working order [having been checked by an electrician.]

The ‘Family’ comes with a couple of random Ektachrome slides, which will duly passed onto the next owner. The machine has a manual slide-changer [automatic slide-changers didn’t come in until the 70s] which makes the whole slide-night experience especially retro!

For sale: $AUD125

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